Housekeeping & Janitorial

Use of advanced technology and latest industrial equipment
• Office Buildings
• Factories/Industries
• Military Installations
• Shopping Malls /Hotels
• Streets & Parking lots
• Military Installations / Military Quarters/VIP Residences
• Messes/Cafeterias
• Warehouses

Pest Control

Treatment for rats
Treatment for ants
Treatment for bees, wasps
Treatment for roaches
Program for periodic interventions
Removal of carcasses

Sanitazing & Disinfaction

sweeping & mopping of floors;
dust/clean walls and partitions, toilets, mirrors, sinks and counters, stocking of toiletries
Periodic stripping, waxing, buffing of floors with industrial equipment

Waste Management

Authorized loading, transport and disposal of toxic waste materials
Authorized loading, transport and disposal of construction materials
Authorized to perform analysis of land/ground in areas where there is reason to believe toxic waste materials were dumped previously and remove any waste found
Authorized to load, transport and dispose of iron/metal refuse