Shortly About Us

TriStar was established five years ago, thanks to twenty years experience of the family.

Based on the efforts of a highly qualified, experienced, and dedicated group of businessmen and technicians with a vision of providing services and innovative technical solutions to satisfy the unique requirements of our clients. Headquartered in Carinaro, Italy we are centrally located to the major military installations in Southern Italy. Our access to a workforce of more than 120 highly motivated and skilled personnel ensure our clients receive prompt, quality services. In our five years of business, we have acquired and maintained a reputation for providing "high quality services" at the lowest possible price. The philosophy of our Company is based on our firm commitment to maintain direct and flexible relationships with our customers in such a way to allow us to provide an increasing array of services without having to compromise our dedication to quality. This can only be achieved with an open mind to change.

Our vision statement is: "To provide services and innovative technical solutions to satisfy the unique requirements of our clients and the specific environment".

The rapid growth in the recent years has enabled our Company to establish itself throughout the Italian market. Now, we are confidently expanding our activities to the European market. TriStar s.r.l. exists because our customers have chosen to do business with us through the award of new contracts and the continuation of existing contracts. Our primary focus is “customer satisfaction” at the "lowest cost" without sacrificing our values. We treat our customers fairly and with respect.

Company expertise

TriStar has extensive experience in many areas. Our team of highly customized offer every customer a combination of deep knowledge and experience in the industry.

Our mission is to help our customers achieve new standards of excellence in their field.

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Maintenance, Renovations, Architectural Design, Engineering, Painting, Road Resurfacing, Heating System and Boiler, Air Conditioning Sytem


Garden Services, Design, Maintenance & Care, Cultivation, Mowing, Pesticides & Herbicides, Tree/Shrub Maintenance, Irrigation Systems


Office Containers & Trailers, Industrial Trucks, Forklifts, Vehicle & Equipment Leasing


Iron Fencing Installation, Fire Alarm System Installation, Anti-Intrusion System, Motion Detection Devices, Surveillance


Housekeeping & Janitorial, Pest Control, Sanitizing and Disinfaction, Waste Management


Large Warehouse, Long&mid-term storage lease